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EuroTech Soccer Camp 7/7 - 7/11


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, June 20, 2008

Let the previous attendees and their parents speak to the value of this camp:
Community Camp Testimonials
Region 1-Northeast
I am always impressed with the enthusiasm and passion for the game that your staff always brings to the camp. We look forward to having you back next year!
Jim McCloskey, President, Blue Ridge Soccer Association, Virginia
My son just finished a Eurotech Camp held in Botetourt County, Virginia. The instructors, Sander and Daniel were absolutely FANTASTIC!! I was impressed with their level of skill and ability to present seach lesson in a way which the children could understand. Their interaction with the children was wonderful Their commitment to their duties was commendable. Being a veteran of several different Soccer Camps over the years I believe we got the most for our money from Eurotech. I will do everything I can to see that Eurotech is invited next year.
Joel Coman, Coach, Blue Ridge United Recreational League, Virginia
Thank you for all your help and efforts getting our camp set up for this past week. Eschel and Arnoud were both fantastic! They not only helped our players, but our coaching staff as well. Both coaches were both professional and gracious the entire week they were with us. Overall, it was a great success. Thanks for your time and efforts. We will definitely do this again next year!
John Siggins, Community Camp Coordinator, Goodview Galaxy Soccer Club, Virginia
I enjoyed working with Eurotech. I was very impressed with many aspects of the program- #1 being the staff and #2 the organization!
Tammy Barton, Community Camp Coordinator, Middlesex Family YMCA, Virginia
Camp went great! I have had so many compliments from parents. They are looking forward to next year! Ady and Belus were so awesome. The improvement in fundamental skills was very apparent in every camper. The last scrimmage was a huge improvement also! Thank you for bringing soccer to Christiansburg. But most of all, thank you for being an awesome company to work with.
Rachel Sekston, Community Camp Coordinator, Christiansburg Parks & Recreation, Virginia
In the three years that we have been working together, our camp numbers have grown tremendously and since that first year I have turned away at least four families to be host for the instructors each year. The host families obviously talked it up about what a great experience it is to host an instructor at the camps!
Kevin Brooks, Community Camp Coordinator, County of Spotsylvania Parks & Recreation, Virginia
My son just completed Eurotech Soccer Camp last week in Oak Hill, West Virginia. He is 5 years old and he had a WONDERFUL time. My husband attended every session with him and was very pleased with the training that he received. The instructors were great with the children. We feel like our money was well spent. He will definitely attend again next year! Thanks again for a WONDERFUL experience that he wont soon forget.
Amy Jones, Parent, West Virginia
My son had the privilege to attend your camp, sponsored by the Huntington YMCA, lead by Renaldo, Adrian, Karl and Mustafa. It was absolutely the best experience he or I have had with any sports camp. They made learning new things about soccer and polishing old skills so much fun, I attended each session and I, as well as several other parents, could see a vast improvement from day one to day five. They had such a great rapport with the campers. When talking to the other parents, they stated that their kids looked forward to going each evening and were concerned about getting there on time.
Michael Giles, Parent, West Virginia
Today ended a wonderful week of soccer lessons for my son Chase. I would like to thank the Bedford Recreation Department for bringing such a fine program to the area! The coach Eurotech sent to Bedford couldnt have been better; he did an outstanding job of relating to the children and also talked to the children about on his breaks, which gave them another educational benefit.
Claudia Arthur, Parent, Virginia
My son just completed Eurotech Soccer Camp at the YMCA in Huntington, West Virginia this morning. I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the overall experience. The coaches made it a very fun experience for him. They were very patient and enthusiastic the entire week. He loved it from start to finish.
Vicki Burrows, Parent, West Virginia
We all would just like to thank you for such an amazing week. Your staff is top notch and the staff and the kids of the YMCA will miss them immensely! They are such wonderful guys. Both Arjan and Jan (JD) should be commended for the quality of the program that you had set forth. The kids had learned so much in such a short time. It was amazing to see. Once again, thank you, we are looking forward to next year.
Jay Villarosa, Community Camp Coordinator, The New Rochelle YMCA, New York
On behalf of Mainland United Soccer Club of Linwood, New Jersey, allow me the opportunity to thank you and all the members of the Eurotech family for providing a first class camp experience for our players. As the Vice President of our club and as Director of Camp Activities, I can honestly report to you that there has not been a single negative comment that I am aware of. My team, specifically, has already reaped the benefits of some of the things we were taught during our week with Eurotech. Eurotech has a demonstrated and proven track record that no other organization has been able to provide us. Our hope is that Eurotech will continue to work with Mainland United as we grow the club!
Jerry Campanaro, Vice President, Mainland United Soccer Club, New Jersey
"The camp is going great!  Wouter and Hill are doing well. The kids seem to really like them. Thanks for all your effort."
Andrew Miles, Executive Director, Margate Recreation, New Jersey
Loyalsock has been fortunate to have Eurotech coaches come to our community. In two years we have enjoyed coaches from England, Holland and Slovakia. All have come with an incredible knowledge of the game and a work ethic that runs through to the campers. The coaching staff always acts professionally and compassionately with all players and parents. I would like to thank Eurotech for providing the soccer camp that meets the needs of our teams!
James Ellis, Community Camp Coordinator, Loyalsock Soccer Club, Pennsylvania
This is the first camp that Ive organized and it was a huge success. The kids and parents said it was the best camp their kids have been toI felt the camp would be good but I had no idea how wonderful the coaches would turn out to be."
Chuck Colvin, Camp Coordinator , Louisa Soccer Club, Virginia
The Lewisburg Youth Soccer League just finished its week of soccer camp with Eurotech Soccer and I believe it was a tremendous success. The coaches were well prepared, very professional and executed their plan in an effective manner Overall, Lewisburg had a fantastic experience with Eurotech Soccer.
Tom Kowalkowski, President, Lewisburg Youth Soccer League, West Virginia
This years camp was attended by more children than last year and many were repeat campers. Many compliments we received are a direct result of your organizations professionalism. Your professionalism, respect, and customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Our youth soccer program reached its greatest number of participants this fall when it surpassed 1,130 participants. I attribute this directly to the input Eurotech Soccer contributed
Tim Garner, Recreation Supervisor, York County Parks and Recreation, Virginia
I have received numerous calls and letters from parents expressing their appreciation and enjoyment in watching their sons and daughters interact and learn the game of soccer from an excellent teacher and role model. It certainly was a pleasure dealing with an organization that truly cares about the children and the sports in which they instruct
J. Scott Hall, Assistant Director, Bedford County Parks and Recreation, Virginia
participants came away with a feeling of confidence in their newfound soccer ability and your staff made every player smile while doing so. As an Athletic Coordinator for the Parks and Recreation Department I am always looking for quality programs to offer the residents in this community and Eurotech Soccer Camps will certainly be a part of the youth soccer explosion in which we are currently involved. I am also a high school and travel team coach and I personally was impressed with the training and educational sessions planned by your staff for both weeks. There was very little down time in which players could become bored or distracted and each activity blended smoothly with the next
Jeff Sykes, Athletic Coordinator, Department of Parks and Recreation and Tourism, Virginia                                                   
"Stewart and Erwin are doing a brilliant job! Here is a photo to share with the gang. We had a parent who volunteered his jeep for the coaches to use.  The boys are enjoying trucking around in this ride. I must admit that they look too cool in their black and red uniforms with this red jeep! Personally, I think this should be official car of Eurotech"
Patty Pirtle, Camp Coordinator, Shenandoah County Soccer League, Virginia
"I had a really really really really really really really really good time. I really want the coaches Joep and Karl to come back. I really hope the camp comes back. I know all my friends liked it also. Every day and every moment except when doing wiggly worms we enjoyed the camp. We learned a lot of moves and hope you bring along a few more with you if you come back. I had a real good time! I really hope you come back and I really want to have coach Joep and Karl to be my coaches!"
Jane, Camper, West Virginia
"I am not a novice in the soccer arena, but three other mothers with me, were quite impressed with the camp. Initially we had our doubts about the coach to kid ratio but Michael and Daniel had it all together. It was organized, constructive and fun for the kids. Your right, the heat was pretty oppressive but they were sensitive to that also. The kids were given lots of breaks but were quickly involved back into a training session. I was also impressed by how they quickly learned the children names and could encourage them on a more personal level. I would readily recommend your camp to the other parents if all the coaches were of the same caliber as these two. Thank you and them personally for us."
Mary Cleaver, Parent, Chesapeake United Soccer Club, Virginia
"What a wonderful camp for our kids! Eurotech has been a great experience for us so far!"
John & Joy Rhodes, Parents, Chesapeake United Soccer Club, Virginia
"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed hosting coach Austin Harris. It was a most enjoyable experience for our family. He is very personable and both my children enjoyed his company. I think they learned a lot about England. If Austin is coach next year, we would very much like him to stay with us again."
Robin Piening, Parent, Ukranian Nationals Soccer Club, Pennsylvania  
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