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Success In Soccer


Written by: Chuck Layman
Thursday, November 17, 2011

To all members of Marion County Youth Soccer Association (MCYSA) & Marion Futbol Club (MFC),

I apologize that this is a lengthy message, but I hope that you will take the time to read this
along with the PDF file labeled "Success In Soccer" that was sent from the Technical Department for the US Youth Soccer Association to fully understand the true meaning behind our Mission as a League.

Unfortunately, there are some within and outside of this Organization that have been spreading very
pessimistic, negative, false and detrimental messages about MCYSA & MFC. There are even some who
have gone as far as to sway others from supporting, voting for and participating in various training
programs that our League offers to all Players. These individuals have not taken into account all of the
effort that all volunteers put into this League for all of the Players..for the right reasons. They have placed
the Players second and themselves first, for their own selfish gain, and in a few cases, thankfully, loss
thereof. Hopefully, the attached article can help shed some light on what is truly a measure of successful
soccer training and help put an end to their embarrassing behavior.

As the Fall 2011 season has ended, we wish to congratulate all teams, players and staff for all of their
hard work and dedication that they have applied to this and past seasons. For the continuous growth of
our Organization, thanks to all who continually and selflessly contribute for the benefit of the Players
from all surrounding areas of Marion County. It is because of your efforts, that we have so many
Players and opportunities for them to grow their passion for soccer.

Please find the time when you can to read the file "Success In Soccer", it is an amazing insight into the mentality and logic within US youth Soccer developmental training under the USSF. Any coach that participates in USSF coaching license programs is taught to incorporate this information as a guideline for evaluating successful soccer training. All Parents and Players can also benefit from the information provided.

Again, I apologize for the long message. On behalf of MCYSA and MFC, thanks to all of our members
who continually contribute to the true "Success in Soccer" and congratulations again to all of the Teams.
Looking forward to the 2012 Season!

Thank you so very much !
Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday,

Chuck Layman

Vice President
Marion County, WV
H: (304) 366-4566
C: (304) 534-2617
W: (304) 534-4233

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