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Marion Futbol Club-- Newsletter VOLUME #2


Written by: Coach Raul
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marion Futbol Club-- Newsletter
Sunday September 16th 2012

ACADEMY Girls-- Off this weekend--

U10 Girls-- Their first away contest and as Coach Raul has stated for many years now development of players and teams takes times as patience is needed for all involved. The result was 4 to zero and not in our favor, Coach Betheny stated "The girls did not defend as they were taught the past few weeks" Coach Raul stated "Repetition and constant work is what it takes to get consistency out of youth soccer players". We hope to work hard this week in practice and with a new game comes a new opportunity to showcase.

u10 Boys-- They were home for their second game and team chemistry is still desired and needed on this team. Coach Tim Stated "Passing and positioning was mediocre at best we have to raise the volume this week as a coaching staff". Coach Raul stated" With a team that has 7 out of 8 players that are new to the program this year it is a great project that we as a coaching staff are aware of and analyzing, it will take some time for all involved. We lost this weekend 3 to 0.

u11 Girls-- If you thought their debut was excellent this week was no different. A game that was full of aggressiveness and at times unsportsmanlike. Team manager Jim Cox stated " We simply played soccer and did not allow the physical play to change how we do things." The u-11 girls won 3 to 1 and we look forward to continuing this great start to the season.

u12 Girls-- This week they were at home and coach Tim Stated "Our first play of the game took a few seconds and a few passes and then a goal. It was exciting and the girls were great this weekend." Team Manager Chuck laymen simply stated "Fantastic". The Girls won 3 to 1 and we look forward to this week and our next game.

u12 Boys-- A tough game on the road Coach RAUL Stated " We were off to a great start and just could not keep focus, we lost our shape on the field and with a tough call by the referee our momentum shifted and we could never recover." Substitute team manger Bridget Secreto stated " We stopped passing the ball the last part of the game, we didn't clear the ball and it took an unlucky bounce." They scored the final goal late in the game to conclude a dramatic event. Score 3 to 2

u14 Girls-- Result 4 to 0 wheeling. Coach Raul Stated "We played a very good wheeling team that had a lot of depth and good players, we never gave up and I believe we improved as the game went on. Our team chemistry was strengthened this weekend, proud of the girls for such a valiant effort."

Happy Soccer

Coach RAUL

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