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If you would like to sign up to coach, first read the information below and then sign-up here. All applicants will be evaluated based on league size and board feedback. There is no guarantee you will be contacted to coach simply by signing up.

Coach Responsibilities
  • Coaches are responsible to be familiar with MCYSA Draft Guidelines.
  • All coaches (their assistants or anyone working directly with the players) Must Register with the State and fill out the Risk Management form.
  • Coaches are responsible for scheduling practice and finding a location to practice.
  • Coaches are responsible for keeping their parents informed of practices/games.  You can use Facebook and/or the website.  Remember some parents may not be able to communicate through the internet and therefore, some parents may need to be called.
  • All coaches are responsible for getting their team photographs taken or having a parent from the team take care of it. Here is a list of photographers registered with MCYSA.
  • All teams are to have good sportsmanship conduct and congratulate the opposing team at the end of every game.  All coaches should monitor their players and make sure this is done.
  • U6 and U8 coaches will have assistance from Valley Soccer Academy for the first 6 to 8 games held on Saturdays. These games usually have six 5 minute periods.  Games on week days will be officiated by coaches.  They may have 8 five minute quarters but both coaches may determine together how they want to split the time.
  • U6 and U8 teams do not have goalies and therefore, coaches need to keep the players moving forward with the ball and not allow them to stand in front of the goal box.
  • U6 and U8 teams are only allowed one coach on the field at a time.  The other coach (if you have one) stays with the kids on the bench.
  • On U6 and U8 score is not kept officially.  Coaches are to instruct their players to not be shouting out the score and taunting the other team. 
  • Starting at the U10 division the possibility of traveling out of county to play another team can happen.
  • Starting at U12 and continued thereafter, teams should expect to travel for some out of county games.

Interaction with Referees

One of the key points in becoming an effective Soccer Coach is choosing the right game day attitude.  Actions and reactions on the field will have a lasting effect that either opens or closes the door to MCYSA participation. In MCYSA, coaches and referees work together as a unified team.

Circle of Criticism

  • The Circle of Criticism begins when a coach responds negatively to a right or wrong call made by the referee.
  • The coach's example gives the parent the implied permission to react negatively toward the referee.
  • A parent's example causes the child to assume that it is acceptable to react in the same way.
  • The result can be a negative attitude toward the referee, who represents authority on the pitch.

Circle of Affirmation

  • The Circle of Affirmation begins when the coach gives a positive response to a right or wrong call made by the referee.
  • The coach's example influences the parent to react positively toward the referee.
  • A parent's example encourages the child to give a positive response.
  • The result is a positive attitude toward authority.

The Circle of Affirmation goes beyond the referee.  A coach's affirmation of players inspires encouragement and positive comments from parents, family members, and other players.

Coach Resources
  • iSoccer - A system of motivation to have your players spend more time with the ball, an objective measurement tool to reward individual improvement and promote healthy competition, and a game within the game to make practice more fun, and see results on and off the field.
  • SoccerXpert - This site has soccer drills for your players available for free. They even have a mobile version of the site. Each drill is categorized by both age and specific task the drill is used for (ie.. passing, shooting, etc...). Each drill also tells the coach the specific thing to emphasize during the drill.
  • Soggy Pitch - This site offers free resources to coaches that hopefully make your job easier. Printouts and other local resources geared toward the Marion County area.
  • WVSA - Offers resources for coaches within West Virginia Soccer Association.

Interaction with Players

Being an effective coach means being an effective communicator. Here are a few guidelines on communicating with your players:

  • Create a positive environment by greeting each player as he/she arrives at practice each week.
  • Greet players with enthusiasm and show them how glad you are to see them.
  • Always speak in a way that a player can understand.
  • Focus on a few skills at a time as you teach so that players can learn each one well.

Interaction with Parents
If you want to start the season off right, get to know the parents and family members of your players.  Include parents in your first post-practice huddle.  Here are some things to cover in that first meeting with parents:
  • Introduce yourself and share your excitement about the season.
  • Give them a copy of the team roster.
  • Get email addresses from parents so that you can keep them informed about practice and game times.
  • Ask one parent to put together a schedule for families to rotate bringing snacks to games.
  • Encourage all parents to work on skills at home with their child.

*Note:  After you receive your roster, it is very important to contact the parents of your players as soon as possible.  Families have been eagerly waiting to hear from their coach, so calling them to introduce yourself and give first practice information is crucial.

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