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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I request a certain coach for my child?
A. No. All children will be subject to a draft process and once they are drafted to a team they must play on that team.

Q. Can I request for my child to play with one of their friends?
A. No. All children will be subject to a draft process and once they are drafted to a team they must play on that team.

Q. Can siblings play on the same team?
A.Yes and No. Requesting siblings to play on the same team is possible. However, a child may only play up in two age divisions never down. Therefore, they will be assigned to a team of the oldest age child. For example: If you have a U11 player and a U10 player they will be assigned to a U12 team.

Q. Can I request my child to "play-up" in a different age division?
A. Yes. A player may only play in the age division or "up" two age divisions they were assigned. For example: A U7 player may only play on a U7, U8 or U9 team. A player may NEVER play down in age divisions. These are State regulations that we can not change. A U7 player would play in the MCYSA U8 division since U9 is not offered and is not eligible to play U10. MCYSA offers recreation divisions for U6,U8,U10,U12, and U14.

Q. Can I be given a refund if my child does not play?
A. No. As long as the league was successful in placing your child on a soccer team a refund will not be issued. If the child was not placed on a team a refund can be issued.

Q. What happens if I register my child and there is not a team in my local area?
A. All children will be placed in the draft. If you reside in the Mannington or Fairview areas you will need to note in the special requests if you do not wish to be in the draft if there is not a team in your area.

Q. Can I request not to have a certain coach for my child?
A. No. If you have a coach you prefer not to have you may indicate you wish to be put back in the draft. This will allow another coach to draft your child.

Q. When are games played?
A. The league will try to schedule most games on Saturdays at our complex; however, due to the number of teams, we occasionally have to schedule weekday games. Weekday games are typically on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays through the week.

Q. When are practices held?
A. The coach sets the practice time based on available practice fields and facilities obtained by the coach.

Q. Do I have to travel for games?
A. No and Yes. If your player is in the U6 or U8 divisions, all your games will be held at our complex. However, sometimes starting in the U10 division you may occasionally have to go to an out of county game. Once you are in the U12 and U14 divisions you will definitely have to travel to out of county games.

Q. Do I have to do fundraisers for the organization?
A. No. We currently do not do any fundraisers. We do encourage parents and family members to visit our concession stand for refreshments.

Q. Will my child receive a trophy at the end of the season?
A. Not from the league. If the coach or parents decide to purchase trophies on their own they may do so.

Q. Is there an end of season party?
A. Not from the league. If the coach or parents put together a small party that is separate and apart from the league.

Q. Where do my registration fees go?
A. With your player's registration fee the league will provide a uniform, insurance, state fee's for registration with the state, referee fees for older divisions, Valley Soccer Academy training clinics for the U6, U8 and U10 divisions and field maintenance.

Q. May I request a player be on the same team as another player for transportation purposes?
A.  No. The only request the league can honor is to have siblings, that are age appropriate, to play on the same team.

Q. If I request to have my child "play-up" in age divisions, will that be honored?
A.Yes and No. The request will only be honored if the number of players in the older division teams can accommodate additional players from the younger age divisions.

Q. Will my child be punished for not making all practices?
A. A player is not required to make all practices. However, we encourage each player to attend all practices and games for their own benefit and overall development.

Q. How much playing time will my player receive?
A. Every player should receive an equal amount of playing time for each match.

Q. My child has never played soccer before, should I register him/her to play?
A. Any child, no matter the age level or skill level, is encouraged to play recreational soccer. It is to be enjoyed by all ages and all skill levels. Therefore, regardless of their age and experience they can register to play.

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