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Welcome to our registration page. Please read everything carefully before clicking the register link below.

Please Have on Hand

Your player's information to include:

  • Birth-Dates
  • Accurate Shirt and Short sizes! (It is extremely important that you provide the correct size)
  • Previous season coach's name
  • Number of previous seasons played

Having this information in front of you along with your credit card will ensure the process goes faster. If you choose to pay by check, there is an additional $5 processing fee.

Cost of Registration

Regular Registration Deadline- July 31st, 2015

The registration fee during Regular Registration is $55.00 for the first player and $50.00 for each additional player.

*These fees include one Uniform (shorts,jersey, and socks) for each player.

Additional Membership Fee (Optional)

You may elect to pay an additional $5.00 to vote in our annual board meeting, where new board members are elected and the yearly budget is presented.

Coaching Requests

You may add requests not to have a specific coach in the special request section of the registration form. (i.e. I do not want coach Bob this season.) If your player is returning from last season within the same age division, they will be placed on the same team unless this request is made.

If you are interested in coaching for MCYSA this season please mark it during your registration process you must also read and fill out a registration form available in the coaching section of the website. Coordinators for your age division will be in contact with you about this opportunity. Signing up is not a guarantee you will be assigned a coaching position.

Playing Up
During the process you will be asked whether or not you want your child to "play-up" or be moved to the next available player division. You will need to provide us a reason why you would like this to happen.Your child is allowed to move up two age divisions based on their birth-date (ie.. U8 => U10 or U7 => U9). Please note, MCYSA does not have a division for each age group, therefore your child would stay in their current division. Even with your request, there is no guarantee your player will be moved up.

Age Matrix


A quick not on sportsmanship for parents. There are five ways for parents to model good sportsmanship on the sports sidelines: cheering for the team, not just your child; refraining from criticizing players; thinking how other parents and fans see you; not putting your child on a pedestal; and having fun and not treating parents from the opposing team as the enemy.

1. Cheer For The Team - Show support for the entire team. Instead of focusing on your child, choose cheers that compliment the entire team, like "Good team effort," "Way to go, defense!" or "Great blocking, line!" If you single a player out for praise, spread the wealth. Praise not just your son or daughter, but others as well. The players in the game may never hear your words of encouragement, but the ones on the bench will get the message that you are pulling for the entire team, and the parents in the stands or on the sidelines will hear the same thing. Inclusive cheers build team spirit.

2. Don't Criticize Players - Best to keep your critiquing to yourself. No one likes to hear the "know it all" parent providing a play-by-play commentary on the game loud enough for everyone in the stands to hear. It's usually parents like these who, if they could hear themselves make remarks like "This goalie can't stop anything. Why didn't he pass the ball? We need to try someone else at mid-field!" would ask, "Why the heck did I say that?" If your child has been the target of insensitive comments like these, you know how important it is to keep your criticisms to yourself.

3. Think About How Others See You - Your child will have the best experience if he or she knows that you on the sidelines supporting them and their team and that you have put the interests of the kids first and left your ego and personal agenda at home.

4. Don't Put Your Child On A Pedestal - Children who overhear parents putting them on a pedestal and singing their praises in front of others may become afraid to let their parents down. It's easier for your child not to have you see them do poorly in a game than to be embarrassed in front of all the people that you brag to. Even if he or she does well, they are being put under undue - and unnecessary - pressure to perform. When that happens, they are not having fun. When they are not having fun, they are more likely to quit.

5. Have Fun and Be Good Hosts - If parents are supportive and positive in everything they say and do, it will spill over to all the kids, on both sides of the field. If children see their parents in friendly conversation with parents from the visiting team, they will be getting a very important message: that the game isn't such a life or death, kill or be killed affair that parents can't be good hosts and exhibit good sportsmanship. If your kids see you having fun on the sideline, instead of grimly pacing up and down like an MLS coach in the extra-time of a playoff game, they will keep the game in perspective and realize that they can be good sports and have fun too!

For more information on parenting your athlete, checkout this article:

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