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DeNardi – Wright Friendly Games


  1. Schedule will be based on a pooled Round-Robin format.
  2. Each team participating shall have a minimum of six (6) players (if possible) and a maximum of eight (8) players.
  3. If possible, each team participating shall be coed and have at least two (2) girls on the team.
  4. Each game shall be played on a U8 size field.
  5. Each game shall be twenty-six (26) minutes long - four (4) six (6) minute quarters and a two (2) minute half time.
  6. The game clock shall run throughout the game and shall only stop for injury.
  7. All substitutions shall be on the fly or at the quarter time. Coaches should attempt to permit equal playing time for all players.
  8. All players on each team shall remain on their respective bench during the game.

  2. No off-sides will be called.
  3. No defensive player shall be permitted to stand within the crease (semicircle) in front of their goal unless an offensive player with the ball is within three feet of that defender. If a team has a player standing within the crease (semicircle) acting as goalie, that team will receive a warning - a second warning will result in a turnover with offensive team restarting the ball via corner kick.
  4. No player (offense or defense) shall be permitted within the crease (semicircle) during throw-ins or corner kicks.
  5. Throw-ins shall restart from out-of-bounds. Improper throw-ins will result in a turnover to the other team (who shall restart from the location of the violation with a throw-in).
  6. No goals from kickoff - the ball must touch another player following kickoff before a goal may be scored.
  7. No direct kicks - even for penalties.
  8. The ball must be placed on the crease (semicircle) for goal kicks.
  9. All teams/players/coaches must exhibit good sportsmanship. Similarly, all teams/players/coaches shall exhibit respect for the officials and adhere to their calls. No protests by coaches will be recognized or tolerated.
  10. Fouls will be called. Two yellow cards equal a red. A red card shall result in the ejection of that player for the remainder of the game in which the red card was received and for the following game (i.e. if a player gets a red card in game 1, that player is out for the rest of game 1 and for game 2). COACHES - explain to your kids the consequences of yellow / red cards!
  11. No slide tackles.
  12. No coaches shall be permitted on the field during game play; provided, a coach may enter onto the field to attend to an injured player.


Each team shall wear the uniform they wore during the regular season. Teams
may alter their uniforms as they see fit (i.e. put names on the back, decorate them, etc.) However, please do not modify the color to prevent two teams of identical color playing each other.

  1. Each team participating shall be required to make a Fifty Dollar ($50.00) entrance fee payable to (MCYSA). This fee is nonrefundable - if the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather an attempt, if possible, will be made to reschedule.
  2. Each individual participating shall be required to make a Ten Dollar ($10.00) entrance fee payable to (MCYSA). This fee is nonrefundable - if the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather an attempt, if possible, will be made to reschedule. Individuals will be placed on an existing team or make up a new team. If your player is already registered through a team, please DO NOT choose this option, talk to the coach before the their final roster is submitted.
  3. All games will be played at the MCYSA - "For the Kids" Soccer Complex.
  4. All players/teams/coaches shall adhere to the general posted rules of MCYSA.
  5. Each individual player is responsible for his/her own drink, snack, meal, etc.
  6. Remember, this is an all day tournament so prepare accordingly. The concession stand at the MCYSA complex will be open during the tournament.
  7. Remember, the tournament is scheduled for June 8 so it will probably be hot dress and prepare accordingly.
  8. If lightning or severe weather is present, all games shall be postponed until at least twenty (20) minutes after the last lightning in the area or the severe weather has passed. If lightning/severe weather persists, the tournament will be cancelled (no refunds).

Would you like to set up a table during the games? This is a great opportunity for getting the work out for your business and show your support for the community. The cost is $10 for for-profit businesses and free to non-profits. 


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