Marion County Youth Soccer Association

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P.O. Box 407
Fairmont, WV 26554-0407
Marion FC

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U12 Lemasters

Sponsored by...
Long View Power

Team Staff

Head Coach: Buddy Lemasters 304-276-3777
Assistant Coach: Sonya Hedrick
Assistant Coach: Jeff Hayhurst


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Recent News


03/26/14 Practice: U12 Lemasters 5:30PMWindmill ParkCancelled
03/28/14 Practice: U12 Lemasters 5:30PMWindmill Park 
03/31/14 Practice: U12 Lemasters 6:00PMFairmont State Unversity 
04/5/14 MUSC Miller(0) @ U12 Lemasters(3) 11:00AM U12 Field
04/7/14 Practice: U12 Lemasters 6:00PMFairmont State Unversity 
04/9/14 U12 Lemasters(5) @ U12 Moore(1) 6:00PM U12 Field
04/12/14 MUSC Bright(3) @ U12 Lemasters(4) 1:30PM Away
04/21/14 U12 Watton(1) @ U12 Lemasters(2) 6:00PM U12 Field
04/23/14 Clarksburg Barnes(3) @ U12 Lemasters(3) 6:00PM Away
04/26/14 Clarksburg Lamb(0) @ U12 Lemasters(5) 11:00AM U12 Field
05/1/14 Bridgeport(2) @ U12 Lemasters(3) 6:00PM Away
05/10/14 Clarksburg Genin(2) @ U12 Lemasters(6) 2:30PM U12 Field
05/12/14 U12 Lemasters @ Bridgeport 6:00PM Bridgeport U12
05/17/14 U12 Lemasters(6) @ U12 Whiteman(0) 11:00AM U12 Field
05/21/14 U12 Lemasters(2) @ U12 Watton(1) 6:00PM U12 Field
05/30/14 U12 Whiteman(0) @ U12 Lemasters(4) 6:00PM U12 Field
06/4/14 U12 Moore(0) @ U12 Lemasters(9) 6:00PM U12 Field
08/18/14 Practice: U12 Lemasters 6:00PM5th St Park 
08/22/14 Practice: U12 Lemasters 6:00PM5th St Park 
08/28/14 Practice: U12 Lemasters 6:30PM5th St Park 

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